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We display curved surface and specular inspection robot installed AI inspection software, AI HAYABUSA. It will make possible of high-precision inspection such as color irregularity.

We are planning to showcase next-generation products SEL has developed using the characteristics of crystalline oxide semiconductors.

We develop software to automate any machines from small Industrial robots to heavy equipment. Our control models achieve flexible operation under various environments/conditions using AI technology.

We provide software solutions for the printing manufacturing industry using deep learning technology. The developed system "POODL" has been adopted in the quality inspection process.

Future provides "Future AI", which is an AI consulting service to various industries, in order to contribute to business efficiency, quality improvement, creation of new services and businesses.

HBLAB has experience in developing AI products. We can support from consulting to PoC, development as well as operation. Let's create new values for your business with our Vietnamese AI Engineer.

SKYDISC provides one-stop AI/IoT services that analyze data gathered from IoT sensors, in order to digitalize the events in real world.

NVIDIA DGX is now de facto standard AI / Deep Learning machine. GDEP, the greatest "Elite" in NVIDIA partner certification and No.1 reseller of DGX in Japan, shows NVIDIA DGX and related solutions.

LIPS, Leader of 3D Sensing Solution Provider