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imageID is technology used for identifying digital images. It provides superior identification performance for a wide range of digital images, including comics, webtoons, artwork, photos, images, etc.

Besides useful document solution using original natural language processing and data analysis, we also offer quantitative content analysis and AR route navi service.Please feel free to contact us.

Logic Meister provides services including various types of patent search and foreign patent filing support. We are experts in the software and IT fields including AI.

Macnica Group support you by our AI expertise and experience to find out what is hidden in your data. Those who are already working or who are working on AI utilization. Please come to our booth.

Ghelia's deep learning technology provides your business with custom solutions for its A.I. needs. And our easy-to-operate deep learning environments make A.I. accessible to laypersons.

We will exhibit the latest digital human work. Pursuing academic knowledge, observation eyes, expression technology and introduce LightStage from 2019. Please stop by the Toei ZUKUN laboratory booth.

Using our proprietary algorithms and modern AI/IoT technologies, we focus on bringing innovations in many different industries, from fashion to smart cities by analyzing trends and human behavior.

We develop IT strategy system for professional sports by using AI, IoT, data analysis, video analysis. That system has won the achievement of winning the league.

Fulfilling not only needs but also customers' dreams - You can get the most optimal proposals for AI solutions, software development and outsourcing services in consultation corner of the booth.

ThroughTek, a leading IoT solution provider from Taiwan, is committed to the development of its Kalay Platform which enables enterprises to build and design scalable IoT service for connected devices.