Why Exhibit?

1. Japan Market is Expanding

Realisation of automatic driving system, utilisation in the manufacturing sector, introduction to daily life... Backed up by technology mature, safety improvement, cost reduction, etc., it is expected that the market formation of artificial intelligence is accelerated in various industries in Japan. That is, Japan is the market with high future growth potential.

2. Ideal Place for Quality Business

*Exhibitors are supposed to prepare more than 1 set of a meeting table and chairs in their booths for business negotiation with visitors.

3. 50,000 Professionals Gather

The Solemn Declaration of No Inflated Numbers
We consistently count visitor registration numbers clearly and stringently and, without deception, continue to release the real numbers. Please refer to the following URL for details on the counting method. >>> www.content-tokyo.jp/en/doc/TAC/

4. Excellent Venue to Expose to Media

Various media will be visiting the show to broadcast/publish the latest technology. 397 media attended in 2017. (including concurrent shows)

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